The taming of the wolf - EP

by Maxim Senin

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released November 30, 2011


all rights reserved



Maxim Senin Long Beach, California

Maxim Senin’s preference in music is laid-back rock and a touch of folk with an emphasis on his lyrical composition. Love, love triangles, betrayal and unanswered love looms over and is easily detected in his sound. His songs are reflective, with a twist and plot in the story line, and that have hope and humor in them. Lyrics are honest. He tends to start songs with rhythm guitar and build on it. ... more

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Track Name: The taming of the wolf
I have very humble roots,
Roaming, hunting in the woods
Neither royal blood nor mutt
Five other siblings I have got
A Grey Wolf, I’ve got it down
Never bowed to anyone
My friends and enemies all knew
I’d maul their throats if I had to.

o-o o o-o

By now I should be dead, perhaps:
Hunters’ bullets, bear traps
Captured, beaten, starved and caged
I’d bite the chain and fight with rage
A proud Gray Wolf can not be tamed
Even if he’s badly maimed
Feeding me will do no good
Freedom’s sweeter than the food

o-o o o-o

But one day it all had changed
My brothers thought I was deranged
Door opened and I walked inside
Then I forgot my foolish pride
Now at your feet, your silent slave
Your attention’s all I crave
I’ll climb for you a mountain steep
I’ll fetch you pearls from ocean’s deep

I’ll entertain, I’ll keep you warm
I’ll find a shelter for a storm
Guard the house when you’re asleep
Do your bidding with no peep
I’ll quench your thirst in times of drought
Twice a day we will go out
My friends would think I am a loon
When I’m howling at the moon

o-o o o-o

A Gray Wolf’s life is pretty swift
Each moment with you is a gift
I can’t say much, I simply growl
But don’t you see, I’m crying foul
When I see that bridal wreath
I bite my tongue and grind my teeth
I can’t live with all this dread
Just put a bullet through my head
He won’t love you like I do

o-o o o-o
Track Name: Sing to me! (My little star)

Verse 1
A tin cup and this old guitar...
I'm singing love songs in the bar.
For a small donation or a beer
I'll do requests. A ballad, dear?
Thank you, sweetheart! Here we go. G
A song I wrote long time ago...

Verse 2
There was a girl, she loved to sing...
Sweet voice, dark eyes - a gorgeous thing!
Late summer was when we first met
Those August days I can't forget...
She had a band, played rhythm guitar
And I was calling her "My Star"

Like a lighthouse that brings sailors home
You shine for me through darkest storm.
Am G
Why do you have to be so far?
Sing to me, my little star!

Verse 3
She made a record, went on tour,
Big star of music and glamour;
Smiling from the covers of fancy magazines
Sun glasses, hats and limousines...
I followed her across the sea
So scared she won't remember me...
F Am
Have I become a speck of dust
Lost in the universe of past?

Like a lighthouse that brings sailors home
You shine for me through darkest storm.
Am G
Why do you have to be so far?
Sing to me, my little star!

Verse 4
The sun has sunk, I'm heading West
I've got to get things off my chest.
Pushing the road beneath my feet
I'm spinning Earth until we meet.
Why do I yearn for your cold light?
Why do you only shine at night?

Like a lighthouse that brings sailors home
You shine for me through darkest storm.
Am G
Why do you have to be so far?
Sing to me, my little star!

Am G C
Track Name: Do your worst! (Love is a lie)
I've been around, on this planet Earth.
So many years since the winter of my birth!
And I know, because I've been in love before
It's all a lie - I don't believe it anymore!
I'm burned and bruised, and I learned my lesson well:
"Don't give in, when they cast their spells.
Don't you believe any promises they make
By now you know, all their words are fake".
Try your best! Do your worst!

I met a girl, she wore a long black dress
I asked her out, she smiled and told me, "yes"
Before too long, it felt like we'll never be apart
A dream come true....
but then she stabbed me in the heart
Try your best! Do your worst!

What did we do to bring the end to perfect life
The looks were cold like steel blade of a knife
The words were sharp, and every touch was shun,
And the silence was like a loaded gun
Try your best! Do your worst!

What can you do, when life falls apart like that?
Sailed around the world to drown my memories and regrets
Met many girls - blonde, skinny, dark, tall and small
I promise you, no chick is gonna make me crawl
I won't be fooled! Call it "experience", I guess
Some people call it "a measure of success"
I can read your mind, and I know all your dirty tricks
I can see you through, I wrote a book on your antics.
Try your best! Do your worst!

And every time I see two lovers holding hands
It makes me laugh when they are making silly plans
'Cause they don't know, what they will get themselves into
Just an illusion that's only gonna make you blue
Try your best! Do your worst!

Life is so short, another winter is passing by
I still remember, still play the blues.. and even cry
I only fooled myself, and I came to this breakthrough
Because, baby, I still love you!
Track Name: Femme Fatale

I clearly remember, as if it happened last night
Her yellow Maserati at the traffic light
V8 engine, 20" wheels
Have your seen her tall boots on high heels?!

Alligator handbag and really tight jeans
Oh what foxy lady! You know what I mean!
Dressed for success and looking real good
I tried to look away, it's understood
The man is the hunter, he stands his ground
But I knew I was lost, never to be found
She waved at me and smiled, believe it, pal!
She was a trigger-happy femme fatale
I couldn't see the devil in her eyes of green
The most amazing curves that I had ever seen
She promised me the heaven, she promised thick and thin
The angel in my hands, but nothing was as it seemed

My friends kept telling me, "You better beware",
Treachery and treason were more than I could bare
"You're working your skin off like a galley slave,
She'll stab you in the back and dance on your grave."
Three long years of bringing breakfast to the bed
Necklaces and diamonds, I gave her everything I had
But then I realized that I was waiting in vain
Like a bird in a cage, like a wolf on a chain

I wanted to be happy, she was making me blue
Playing with my heart was all that she would do
When I wanted to fly, she was bringing me down
But today I decided to turn tables around

Gonna clean my rifle, pack my traveling things
I had enough of her lies, of her poisonous stings
Gonna leave this house, gonna be a man!
Now the fox-hunting season is open again!
So watch me walk away, I'll take no more abuse
It's her time to cry, her time for singing the blues
She won't make me stay, she won't make me crawl
From this day I'll be playing Rock And Roll!

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