Call of the Wild

by Maxim Senin

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Continuing on "The taming of the wolf" theme, this is a breakup song using "trapped wolf" as the metaphorical main character.


Copyright © 2012 Maxim Senin
No matter how long you feed a wolf, he keeps running away into the forest.
- Russian proverb

| A Asus A – Bm – A | x2
A Asus A

[Verses 1]
Bm Gbm7
No matter how long
Bm Gbm7
a wolf is being fed,
Still toward the forest
G* F#
he turns his head

[Verse 2 – same cords]
When you say you love me
When you kiss my face
I grind my teeth and shiver
Like a mental case

[Verse 3 – same chords]
Your good and kind treatment
Is like a gilded cage.
It's time you realized it.
Time to turn the page.

F#/Gbsus F#

Listen to me, baby
Look me in the eye
Let me go to follow
G F# Bm
Call of the wild
[repeat intro]

[Verse 4 – same chords as verse1]
You lowered your defenses
The day you let me in
Now face the consequences
of living in a dream

[Verse 5 – same chords as verse1]
I never meant to hurt you
But you must have been blind
Why do you still want me?
Why do you love me? Why?

F#/Gbsus F#

Em A
It makes no sense to try
Keeping me around
So set me free
F# - strum once and pause
Or shoot me down

[Solo. Same chords are verses are repeated twice ending on F#/Gbsus F# transition, with electric solo played over it]
[Solo ends and Intro is repeated]
[Verse 6 – same as verse1]
I'm very sorry for
your tears and heartache.
Don't ever think that what we had
Has been a mistake

[Verse 7]
Time is the best healer
it's doesn't pass in vain
Before you know it, baby
You'll find love again

F#/Gbsus F#

Listen to me, baby
Look me in the eye
Let me go to follow
Call of the wild
[Repeat intro chords with electric solo]
Call of the wild
Call of the wild…
[Either end on Bm down-stroke or continue until faded out]
G = [320003]
G* = [320033]
A = [002220]
Asus = [002230]
Bm = [223442]
F# = [244322]
Gbm7 = [242322]
D = [000232]
Em = [022000]
F#Gbsus = [244422]


released January 7, 2013
Lyrics, Music, Acoustic Guitar: Maxim Senin
Session Musicians, Backing Vocals, Mixing, Mastering: StudioPros


all rights reserved



Maxim Senin Long Beach, California

Maxim Senin’s preference in music is laid-back rock and a touch of folk with an emphasis on his lyrical composition. Love, love triangles, betrayal and unanswered love looms over and is easily detected in his sound. His songs are reflective, with a twist and plot in the story line, and that have hope and humor in them. Lyrics are honest. He tends to start songs with rhythm guitar and build on it. ... more

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